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Juni Uni is here to answer all your university related questions. Simply click on to open a chat with Juni.

Meet Juni Uni’s Friends

Juni Uni has friends at most StudyMe Unis. From the school profile for any university, click on Juni’s friend’s to ask specific questions about that university.

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Why Juni Uni

Immediately engage your students with compelling answers to their questions 


Juni Uni speaks all languages engaging students and their parents in their home language

Juni Never Sleeps

Juni engages students while you sleep allowing your team to focus on highly qualified prospects during work hours


Juni Uni delivers a customized bot with low set up and monthly fees

Connect using StudyMe

All universities with a Juni Uni chat bot get a free profile listing on StudyMe, where it will be visible to over 30,000 active students from 150+ countries

Convey Your Brand

Swap the Juni Uni logo for your school mascot and engage prospects in your brand