Felipe Bonke

Moving from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Cranford, New Jersey would be a daunting challenge for any young college student. Felipe Bonke found the support he needed for the move to Union College of Union County, New Jersey—and much more—in the American Success program. Felipe’s dream of receiving an education in the United States became reality—and an amazing journey. 

Felipe acknowledged that everyone gets a little scared or insecure about leaving their comfort zone, as he did when moving to New Jersey, but the success coach he was provided with by American Success helped him not just with the usual college-related issues, but also with the challenges of adapting to American culture. Felipe remarked, “Thanks to all the support that I received along my journey, what before would make me feel nervous now gets me excited.” 

Felipe is currently studying computer science at Union, and he looks forward to transferring to the New Jersey Institute of Technology next year to complete his bachelor’s degree. After that, he plans to pursue his dream of becoming a computer programmer. 

“So come and embrace every single opportunity that appears. Join college societies, practice a sport, do volunteer work, and never stop moving forward and looking for opportunities.” — Felipe Bonke