Yuezhou Lin

Yuezhou Lin began his college career in his hometown, Shenzhen, China, at Shenzhen University before joining the American Success program and transferring to the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP). For Yuezhou, the American Success program was a great place to begin his academic journey in the U.S. He found CCP to be a place where students of different cultures and nationalities could come together to pursue their educational goals. After graduating from CCP with an Associate in Science degree in Mathematics, Yuezhou transferred to the University of Wisconsin at Madison (UW Madison) to complete his bachelor’s degree—a double major in data science and statistics.

Currently, Yuezhou is enjoying his time at UW Madison—the school's academic rigor, its beautiful lakeside campus, and its friendly, collegial spirit—so much that he has chosen UW Madison for his graduate studies as well. Once he finishes his education, Yuezhou dreams of joining his family’s business in Guangdong Province to work in land development and real estate.

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