International students sitting at a desk browsing study abroad resources

College students, international and domestic alike, can choose from a wide variety of academic support services that can help them adjust to life as a successful college student. Universities have a vested interest in making sure their students are successful from the first day on. Some common support services available to international students include:

  • Writing centers that provide students assistance with many facets of academic writing, including help with grammar, structure, formatting, and citation styles. Many writing centers offer one-on-one tutoring sessions.
  • Tutoring services to help students who are struggling with their academic coursework. Tutors can provide additional explanation, clarification, and practice to reinforce classroom assignments or concepts. 
  • Academic advising to assist students in planning their academic trajectory, choosing courses, and navigating university policies and procedures. For international students, academic advisors can offer much-needed guidance for both fulfilling degree requirements and adjusting to a new culture. 
  • Culturalization services, like programs or workshops, to help international students adapt to a new cultural and academic environment. These services may cover topics such as cultural norms, communication styles, and academic expectations. 
  • Study skills workshops that help students learn the study skills, time management, note-taking, and exam preparation techniques they will need to succeed. These workshops can be valuable to international students who may be unfamiliar with academic practices in the United States. 
  • Mentoring services that pair incoming students with more experienced students who can offer them guidance, support, and practical tips for navigating university life—both academically and personally. 
  • Health and wellness services that provide access to health professionals, counseling services, and wellness programs. These services can be crucial for international students who are dealing with the stresses of adapting to a new environment and a new academic workload.  
  • Career services offices that aid students with resume writing, job search strategies, and interview preparation. Career services are invaluable to international students as they learn to navigate the job market. 



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