Enice Mobula

“At University of Toledo, students must participate in a minimum of 3 co-ops, but I did 4, each with different companies. My first co-op was at Boston Scientific in Spencer, Indiana, and the summer right after that, I went to Pittsburgh to work at Bayer Pharmaceuticals. The summer after that, I returned to Boston Scientific, and then I did a part-time co-op during my last semester at Principle Business Enterprises in Bowling Green, Ohio.”

“All of the companies I worked for during my co-ops paid me well. I was able to pay on my own for my apartments in each of the places where I lived and worked, and I was also able to buy my first car and use some of the funds to pay for my following semester of school. Despite whatever was going on in the world, financially speaking, or however the exchange rate varied back home, the money I earned in the U.S. at my co-ops helped me tremendously and took a burden off my family.”

Enice Mobula - Democratic Republic of Congo, B.S. in Bioengineering 2022